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Opening Session Period

On August 22 2023, the opening of the session for the 2022-2025 period August 2023 which consisted of five rooms was held. Each room is filled with six students who will take part in the trial in order to evaluate their academic progress and achievements. The opening ceremony for this session was held in the Auditorium room of the UPI Tasikmalaya Campus which was attended by the Head of Study Program, lecturers, and final students. The thesis session is an important stage in completing undergraduate studies. This is the moment when you, as a student, have to present the results of your research or scientific work that you have done during your studies. The thesis session aims to test your understanding of the material that has been studied and your ability to analyze, compile and present information in writing or orally. After the thesis trial is held, there is still the final stage to complete, namely the yudisium as determining the results of the trial and graduation. The yudisium is the final process in completing undergraduate studies where you are officially announced as a graduate.